Version 2.3.9 Released

Thursday, September 1, 2016 Tags: release, bugs

This version, code-named 'Sultry Summer' fixes many issues in the previous version(s) and adds several new features. There is a new dynamic drag-n-drop form designer for Twitter Bootstrap 3 based themes which greatly speeds up form design. It also provides much better support for small devices when using a Twitter Bootstrap 3 based theme. Other major include:

- !!! update/include .htaccess file in ALL /tmp folders to prevent security issues, CVE-2016-7095 reported by Balison
- !!! fix security issue with database managerand pixidou editor: Security Advisory XS3C-2016-05-20 & XS3C-2016-05-19 reported by Julian Held

You can find all the changes from v2.3.8 in the included file.