v2.2.1 Release Soon

Friday, July 12, 2013 Tags: preview

The next version (2.2.1) will be released by the end of July 2013.  In addition to all the fixes (and tweaks) already incorporated within v2.2.0 patch #5 (see at end of post), it includes the following new features:

  • adds paged form (wizard) feature 
  • adds form design export/import (share forms & data between sites)
  • adds form report designer insert field command to wysiwyg editor (easier to create custom reports)
  • adds a rudimentary site configuration profile (backup/restore) feature
  • adds optional author 'signature' to blog posts, handled by user profile extension
  • now supports multiple simultaneous file uploads for 'quick add' uploads w/ new progress indicator (if browser supports)
  • recycle bin is now more consistent...all removed modules sent to recycle bin, all modules removed from recycle bin have all items deleted
  • adds ldap user sync to update all ldap users against ldap server data (email, first/last name)
  • plus many other fixes and tweaks

Additionally, we've regressed on a couple deprecated features and will include support for them for the next couple versions:

  • 0.9x Theme compatibility
  • Flowplayer & YouTube modules deprecated by new Media Player module
  • configuration settings moved into /framework folder

Fixes distributed for v2.2.0: