Patch #3 for 2.0.4

Dated: February 4, 2012, 9956 Downloads, 0 Comments ,Tags: patch

This patch attempts to fix a few problems with the v2.0.4 release:

  • attached files would disappear after re-editing/saving an item
  • deleting the standalone page you were just on, would take you to a broken page
  • unable to create new standalone pages
  • broken page when editing tabbed text view items in ie9 compatibility mode
  • (#2)inability to display old-school module views if the theme name and root folder name were identical
  • (#2)uploaded files set to '000' permissions on some systems
  • (#3)blog aggregation wasn't working correctly (either all or none)
  • (#3)super-admin or admin could lose privileges when saving user record
  • (#3)fixes broken Manage FAQs view

It is best to simply extract this zipped archive to the root folder.


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