What can you expect for the next version?

Saturday, April 21, 2012 Tags: preview

When the next version (2.0.7) is released at the end of May, not only will there be greater HTML5 and PHP v5.4 compliance, and zippier performance, we'll also be adding some new features in addition to the standard bug fixes.

  • HTML5 is now the web standard and handled by most existing browsers (older browser versions have many security vulnerabilities).  We're working to ensure we can more easily pass web site validation.  We're also upgrading the media player we use (Flowplayer) which has HTML5 features).
  • Since PHP v5.4 has been released and is beginning to be used, we've made sure that we are v5.4 compliant (while still running on PHP v5.2 and v5.3)
  • We're eliminated some page loading slow-downs, so you should see speedier performance
  • The calendar now has a 'go to' date feature using a pop-up mini-calendar
  • We'll finally handle multiple YouTube videos per module.
  • File downloads now can have a 'publish' date set like news and blog items
  • We've added an optional "Export to PDF" function for blogs, news, filedownload, & portfolio items, and for calendars.  We've also added a 'Printer Friendly' link to those modules.  Since the pdf package is as large as the entire Exponent package, we'll offer this as an option
  • There is a new Photo album slideshow view with a vertical selector showing a thumbnail and Title/Description
  • Video (Flash) files will be handled better with appropriate icon identification in the file selector and File download preview option.
  • The 'Manage Users' view is now sortable
  • Pagination should work better in regards to multiple pages and sorting

All-in-all, this upgrade should be something that most users will want to implement.