Version 2.0.8 Released (Sauntering Soliloquy)

Friday, July 27, 2012 Tags: release

Sauntering Soliloquy introduces several enhancements to enhance site management.  Comments, Categories, & Tags can now be managed in 'bulk' by selecting which items should be updated from a list of all module items, instead of requiring each item be individually edited.  All site comments may also be managed from one screen, which is great for those sites with several modules using comments.  As always there a plenty of updates and fixes some of which are:

  • Adding manual sorting to the News module and random sorting to the Links module.
  • Adding the Accordion and Tabbed views to the Photo Album module.
  • Adding a 'quick' upload feature to the WYSIWYG editor to upload and insert a new graphic without having to make a side trip through the file manger and uploader.
  • Implementing E-mail Alerts (E-Alerts) in the Blog, News, & File Downloads modules to allow logged in users to subscribe to content updates.
    • The optional feature has changed quite a bit from the initial implementation (which really didn't work and wasn't implemented in most modules)
    • Users may manage subscriptions using a new optional profile extension.
    • Sending the email alert can be automated using the module configuration settings.  Though the editor still controls whether or not editing an item will produce an email alert.

We encourage you to update your sites to this latest stable version, HOWEVER as always we recommend you first test it before upgrading a production site.