v2.3.5 Arrives for Fall

Friday, September 18, 2015 Tags: release

Just in time for a seasonal release, 'Awesome Autumn' brings several changes and many, many fixes to Exponent.  We recommend that all users with a v2.3.x installation, upgrade to this version (with the normal precautions before upgrading a production web site). 

Specific notes about this version:

  • As with the previous release (v2.3.3), we no longer support PHP v5.2.x!  Your server must be running at least PHP v5.3.x to install or upgrade Exponent.  If you attempt to install on a previous version you will receive an error message.  If you attempt to browse to the site running PHP v5.2.x, you will only see a blank page.
  • We no longer display the 'login' on the maintained page.  This allows for a more profession looking page, especially with the new optional countdown clock.  To log in, the database must be up and running, and you must browse to the site.url/login.php.
  • Bootstrap v3 button sizes are bumped up one size in preparation for a future release of Twitter Bootstrap v4

Highlights in the version are::

  • adds bootstrap 3 variation to event & news announcement view using 'panels'
  • enhances elFinder/TinyMCE/CKEditor integration; CKEditor now allows paste/drop images
  • adds Facebook og: meta tag support
  • adds remote blog post editing (xmlrpc); this feature is turned off by default
  • adds new easypost ecommerce shipping calculator includes order fulfillment functions
  • improves security by allowing admin controlled password strength settings and more secure password hashing

You can find additional information about changes in the pre-release news post found here.