v2.3.0, Fantastic Facelift is finally revealed

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Tags: release

This version is considered a major upgrade and as always we recommend testing prior to updating a production site (see below)!  This stable release has many new features and addresses several issues in previous versions.  We've already posted several news and blog articles discussing these new features.

Most of the 'new' features are optional, and by default are not implemented initially.  The only real change you may require is to update any Twitter Bootstrap v2 based themes as we've moved most of the 'navbar' (menu) code out of the theme template into the navigation view template.  Though your site will work without this edit, the menu will behave oddly.  See this article for details.

Additional new features include:

  • updated default bootstrap theme (and the files to support it) to be more mobile friendly (responsive), esp. in tables

  • adds new touch enabled, responsive photo album slideshow view (default slideshow for bootstrap)

  • adds new optional search/filter to portfolio & faq showall views

  • adds new optional workflow features (revisions and approval) to blog, news, & text modules

  • module and item heading levels are now selectable within module configuration settings

  • adds optional ‘websnapr’ link thumbnail support to links module

  • adds module specific quick upload folder selection

  • updates several ‘widgets’ from YUI to jQuery variants (tag picker, calendar, list builder color picker, lightbox)

  • initial support for alternate/optional WYSIWYG editor - TinyMCE (works on Android devices)

  • initial support for alternate/optional file manager - elFinder (uses an OS file manager paradigm)

  • adds optional ‘hidden’ controls (checkbox, text, textarea) to forms to allow (prefilled) data fields unavailable on initial entry, but can be updated later (e.g. paid, notes)

  • adds new ‘church site’ site sample database in addition to ‘sample site’, ‘blog’ and ‘eCommerce store’ during installation

  • vastly improved SEO for events, eventregistrations, & products – event & product data (dates, cost, reviews, etc…) now available to search engine as rich snippets – more accurate meta data made available to search engines

  • enhances the import/export abilities for transferring site content/data from other sites or in other formats

  • adds Google+ link to blog author signature option for linking to search hits on Google (profile/picture)

  • adds new search/filter & sorting to manage permissions, users, groups and forms showall views

  • adds new ‘reset.php’ file to allow easily clearing all caches if the site crashes when designing/changing themes

  • includes all the fixes from v2.2.3 patches

  • plus many, many more new features and fixes