v2.1.4 Released in Preparation for v2.2.0 Release

Friday, March 29, 2013 Tags: release

In what should be considered the final stable release before a stable v2.2.0 is released in the near future, we present v2.1.4, 'Lingering Lullaby.'  This will mark the third 'bug fix' release for the most recent stable version which included new features (v2.1.1 was released back in January 2013).  v2.1.4 fixes over 36 issues found in v2.13.

Though v2.2.0 will be considered a major update, it will simply be another incremental upgrade to any 2.x version.  What will change is the deprecation of everything 'old school' (0.9x, 1.0, etc...).  As always, you will still be able to upgrade from any previous version of Exponent 2.x or migrate data from an old 0.9x site database.  In fact several of the new features destined for v2.2.0 have already found their way into v.2.1.1 and following.  From a site administrator's perspective, there will be a noticeable difference between a v2.1.0 and a v2.2.0 installation.

So at this point, all development now focuses on a single branch of code moving toward a stable v2.2.0 release before Summer 2013.  You can expect to see a few more, possibly bi-weekly unstable releases as we continually move forward.