Unstable version moves to 'beta' stage with 2.2.0 beta 1

Friday, March 15, 2013 Tags: release

The most robust release of the v2.2.0 code line thus far has been set free.  We've corrected many anomalies still present in the 2.1.x code line and there are quite a number of new features and enhancements from the alpha3 release.  These include better EQL file import/export which is much more flexible in backing up and restoring backups made from various versions.  Noted additions in beta 1 include;

  • enhanced attached file display features
  • adds new html5 media player module for audio, video & youtube, which eventually deprecates both flowplayer and youtube modules
  • updates filedownload module media player to html5 (flash not required)
  • adds new import form data into an existing form, or create a new form from a csv file
  • adds new import users from csv file
  • adds ability to optionally run selected 'upgrade scripts' from the Exponent menu
  • moves /conf folder inside /framework to help streamline folder structure