Unstable version 2.2.0 alpha 1 now available

Friday, February 1, 2013 Tags: release

(Update: We've gotten over a 'speed bump' and things are progressing toward an alpha 2 release on Valentines Day 2013!)  As planned, we are also making a public 'unstable' version available.  This version is expected to be the next version of Exponent and will likely have a short test/release cycle.  For most applications, this alpha version is fully functional and can be installed like any upgrade version, but is being classified as 'unstable' and given an 'alpha' release type because:

  • It deprecates and removes all old school modules, therefore it may break any antiquated themes or custom views which have not been upgraded to the 2.x standard. (the theme compatibility layer no longer exists, etc...).  Details about changes required by previous versions can be found in the blog and news posts on www.exponentcms.org
  • It converts the database references to become fully 2.0 standard, therefore it will be nearly impossible to regress to a previous version, UNLESS you import a previously exported/saved database/EQL file.
  • Because of the major change to the database, the site will initially appear to be wiped away after the software is first installed (all containers and content disappear), but will return to normal AFTER completing the recommended upgrade procedures.
  • (Update!) Because of some anomalies experienced after the release of alpha1, we may have to revert to using the name 'container' instead of 'container2'.  This may be in addition to other major changes from the alpha1 code.  The code is highly subject to change until it reaches the 'release candidate' stage, though most major changes should take place before reaching the 'beta' stage.

The unstable v2.2.0alpha1 can be downloaded here.  Or you may use git and pull the 'unstable' branch.