Twitter API v1 Blacked Out! (Fixed by v2.2.0 Patch 4)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Tags: bugs

We knew it would eventually occur, but the API to work with Twitter v1 has been blacked out in favor of v1.1.  You've probably already seen this warning message on your site, esp. if you have ever set up a Twitter module.  There is a forthcoming fix (v2.2.0patch4) due later this week which will attempt to fix this, but in the past had caused page breaks when Twitter was bogged down.  Here are some work-arounds in the mean time:

  • If you manage your site using the git repo, the 'master' branch is already updated, so you can just perform a 'git pull'
  • If you can afford to lose Twitter functionality, simply delete the /framework/modules/twitter/models/Twitter.php file
  • Keep your eyes open for the patch 4 release in a few days.