Third 'alpha' Release of v2.2.0 Set Loose!

Friday, March 1, 2013 Tags: release

Continuing our 2-week release cycle, we bring the next iteration on the road to a stable 2.2.0 release.  v2.2.0alpha3 not only incorporates all the 2.1.3 bug fixes, but adds several new features.  The biggest fix in alpha 3 is migration once again works (and also clears up some lingering quirks), and the newest feature is category support and some new views for the blog module, along with a second installation sample for a ready-to-run' blog site'.

In addition to incorporating all the fixes from v2.1.3, we've also added:

  • the ability to export custom themes for sharing and backup
  • a pause/resume/cancel feature to the file uploader
  • ​normalize.css and Twitter Bootstrap are now fully integrated into the system.
  • ​plus severl other minor tweaks and fixes