Terminal Tweak Released

Monday, May 4, 2015 Tags: release

Terminal Tweak, the v2.3.4 release is now available. This release marks the removal of all YUI2 based code along with the usual batch of fixes and assorted new features  We recommend that all users with a v2.3.x installation, upgrade to this version (with the normal precautions before upgrading a production web site). 

Specific notes about this version:

  • As with the previous release (v2.3.4), we no longer support PHP v5.2.x!  Your server must be running at least PHP v5.3.x to install or upgrade Exponent.  If you attempt to install on a previous version you will receive an error message.  If you attempt to browse to the site running PHP v5.2.x, you will only see a blank page.
  • We no longer display the 'login' on the maintained page.  This allows for a more profession looking page, especially with the new optional countdown clock.  To log in, the database must be up and running, and you must browse to the site.url/login.php.

Highlights in the version are::

  • fixes an XSS vulnerability in source_selector.php/selector.php
  • regression fix for issues caused by previous security fix (json data could be corrupted) unable to delete files, etc..
  • adds 'announcement' view to events module
    • adds alternate color to 'featured' items in announcement views
  • updates twitter view to more closely resemble twitter.com
  • updates optional ajax paging to now be seo friendly; site-wide setting now on display tab of site configuration
  • adds 'empty recycle bin' feature to remove all items in recycle bin
  • add quick image upload button to TinyMCE editor
  • adds most recent event date to search hit for events and event registrations
  • now only indexes search content from active modules instead of every module
  • reCaptcha anti-spam support updated to latest library
  • adds optional 'time till site returns' countdown clock to maintenance view
    • login removed from maintenance view unless attempting to logon or if db is down
  • after adding a new module which requires configuration, the system now displays the module configuration settings page

E-Commerce updates

  • updates several bootstrap3 ecommerce views to more closely follow bootstrap3 styling 
    • newly styled invoices and packing slips 
  • new product option: must be purchased in multiple quantities 
  • ecommerce invoice payment info is now more customer friendly when not managing order(s) 
  • ecommerce store database sample now includes product options, discounts, and sample orders 
  • reactivates split credit card ecommerce payment option 

Additionally many 3rd party libraries have been updated