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Switched to New Forum Software

January 29, 2014 Tags: site update

We've experienced a LOT of forum spamming lately, so much so that we changed some things which inadvertently disallowed new user registrations...then when fixing that issue and requiring admin approval prior to account activation, we were overwhelmed with new account registrations.  Luckily, all those 'tests' prevented most if not all spam from posting to the forum.  However our old forum software (PhpBB3) simply doesn't seem to have the tools to combat this form of attack.  Therefore we've moved to using Vanilla Forums software.   (read more)

Exponent API Documentation Updated!

September 13, 2012 Tags: site update, docs

Several recent updates have pushed the Developer API documentation to the bleeding edge in both appearance and function.  This site is auto-generated from the code using phpDocumentor2. The API documentation is located at (read more)

Exponent Troubleshooting Guide Updated

February 29, 2012 Tags: site update

We've reorganized and updated the Troubleshooting guide area of the documentation site.  This might be the best place to look for a solution if you run into a problem with Exponent CMS. (read more)

Happy New Year! Updated to Latest Version of Exponent!

January 2, 2012 Tags: site update

It's a new year and time to try new things, right?  We've updated the main ExponentCMS web site to use the latest version of Exponent (just as we did with the docs/help site a short time ago link).  Users should notice subtle differences, but the more substantial improvements will greatly aid the people who run this site.  Previously, it had been running on an almost ancient and heavily patched PR2 (pre-release 2) version.  However now we are using standard software with only a custom theme.  This should give you an idea of the power of ExponentCMS!  Happy New Year! (read more)

Exponent Help/Docs Site Updated

December 15, 2011 Tags: site update

With little fanfare, the Exponent Help site or 'docs' site has been live since 2.0 stable was released back in August.  And as an early Christmas present, that site has been updated to the pre-release version of 2.0.3 (it had been running on an ancient patched pre-release2 version).  One of the new features is a help version selector in the header if you you need to look at documentation from a previous or even upcoming version. (read more)

Extension Repository Started

September 9, 2011 Tags: site update

The initial implementation of an extension repository has been started here.  Eventually, this repository will be available inside Exponent where the items can be selected and installed without having to visit this site, downloading the extension, then uploading it. (read more)

Exponent CMS is now on Freenode IRC

March 4, 2011 Tags: site update

The Exponent CMS open source project now has a channel on Freenode IRC! (read more)

Exponent's 2.0 codeline now on Github

February 18, 2011 Tags: site update

Over the last couple months, since the launch of Exponent 2.0pr2, Online Innovative Creations – the corporate backing for the Exponent CMS project - has turned its focus inward to improve efficiency for development. After a thorough internal audit to assess workflow, development cycles, the software, and of course, how that pertains to Exponent as a project. To summarize the results: Launchpad, Bazaar, and surrounding technologies aren't proving to be efficient solutions, while Git, Github and the available tools, technologies, and community support are flourishing. (read more)

Exponent CMS with new site, new forums, and releases for both codelines

November 3, 2010 Tags: site update

The Exponent Development Team is proud to unveil the new Exponent CMS website, along with a new forum system, and a release of both the 2.0 and 1.0 codelines. (read more)