Exponent's Latest News

Shopping for a Last-Minute Gift? Exponent v2.0.3 is now Available!

December 23, 2011 Tags: release

Just in time to put under the Christmas tree, version 2.0.3 named 'Holiday Honey' is available at your favorite outlets!  Though the holidays slowed down our release schedule, you'll find ample updates and fixes to take you into the New Year. (read more)

Exponent Help/Docs Site Updated

December 15, 2011 Tags: site update

With little fanfare, the Exponent Help site or 'docs' site has been live since 2.0 stable was released back in August.  And as an early Christmas present, that site has been updated to the pre-release version of 2.0.3 (it had been running on an ancient patched pre-release2 version).  One of the new features is a help version selector in the header if you you need to look at documentation from a previous or even upcoming version. (read more)

Exponent in 2012

December 13, 2011 Tags: preview

Here are a couple updates to Exponent you can expect to see soon.  The first will actually make it into the v2.0.3 'Christmas present.' (read more)

Preview of v2.0.3

November 18, 2011 Tags: preview

You might be expecting to see the words 'major changes' and 'may break custom themes', but this shoudn't be the case for the next version, 2.0.3.  Though our release schedule is slowing down primarily due to the holidays, v2.0.3 will be a major update of sorts, but shouldn't break anything already working with a v2.0.2 installation (please see the prepping for 2;0.1 and prepping for 2.0.2 articles for details on changes required to implement those updates.) (read more)

'Ravishing Rossdale' Is Set Loose

October 28, 2011 Tags: release

A somewhat major upgrade hits the streets as version 2.0.2 is released with the code name of 'Ravishing Rossdale.'  Because this version implements some fairly major changes to the template engine (Smarty), we do NOT recommend you immediately upgrade production websites until after you test this version with your theme customizations and mods.  Though only minor editing should be required to correct syntax problems, many of those problems can cause the site or pages to 'break.'  You can read about these details with notes how to fix the problems by looking here. (read more)

Fixes for v2.0.1 File Manager, Login/Logout, & Cancel button Issues

October 20, 2011 Tags: patch, bugs

Patch #3 is now available to fix three issues found with version 2.0.1 which affect the File Manager, Login/Logout, and Cancel button: (read more)

Prepping for the 2.0.2 Release (more big changes)

October 14, 2011 Tags: preview

(Update #3) Exponent, v2.0.2 was released at the end of October 2011.  Like the previous release (v2.0.1), it incorporates some fairly major changes under the hood that could 'break' some custom themes or mods.  To help prepare you for this release, here's some things to be aware of: (read more)

Second Stable Release - v2.0.1 Now Available

September 30, 2011 Tags: patch, release, bugs

In keeping with a plan to release regular updates to Exponent, we introduce "Infinite Immersion" (v2.0.1) to you one (1) month after the release of the first stable version of Exponent 2.0.  In addition to fixing some nasty bugs like those corrected with the recent patch, we are still working to shed all remnants of Exponent 1.0 code.  (read more)

2.0.1 Being Prepped for Release (Updated)

September 20, 2011 Tags: preview

Fresh on the heels of the stable release of 2.0, the development  team is busily preparing to release version 2.0.1 at the end of Septermber.  In addition to those fixes already posted as an easily uploaded patch, there are additional bug fixes, feature additions, and some relatively major changes 'under-the-hood.' (read more)

Upgrade to Exponent 0.9x Silently Released

September 9, 2011 Tags: patch, release, bugs

In conjuction with the stable release of Exponent 2.0, an update to the older 0.9x version was made available.  You'll notice v0.99beta1 is listed as the current version for the 1.0 codeline.  Though not considered stable nor supported, it does provide many fixes and feature updates to the older established codeline.  (read more)