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Just around the corner... (updated)

August 14, 2012 Tags: preview

(Updated Aug 22nd) As we begin heading toward the next scheduled release near the end of September (v2.0.9), there are already several big features which have been implemented in the pre-release code.  In addition to the previously mentioned '2-column form display style' option (see this post), we've converted two of the remaining old-school modules into 2.0 style controllers...Simple Polls and Navigation.  This was no simple conversion (pun intended)...and though we've retained as much backwards compatibility as possible, you can begin preparing your custom themes and views for this valuable update. (read more)

Patch #2 released for minor bugs found in v2.0.8

August 2, 2012 Tags: patch, release, bugs

Several minor bugs have been found in v2.0.8 released last Friday and a 2nd patch is now available which includes all the previous fixes in patch #1. It can be applied to v2.0.8 or v2.0.8patch1.  The patch fixes these bugs: (read more)

Version 2.0.8 Released (Sauntering Soliloquy)

July 27, 2012 Tags: release

Sauntering Soliloquy introduces several enhancements to enhance site management.  Comments, Categories, & Tags can now be managed in 'bulk' by selecting which items should be updated from a list of all module items, instead of requiring each item be individually edited.  All site comments may also be managed from one screen, which is great for those sites with several modules using comments.  As always there a plenty of updates and fixes some of which are: (read more)

A Mid-summer Treat is in Store for You (updated)

June 19, 2012 Tags: preview

Just as an ice cream cone seems extra special on a hot summer day, the next release of Exponent (v2.0.8) slated for the end of July, should be just as tasty.  Here's some things we're already working on: (read more)

Flaming Furball - Your Summer Destination!

May 30, 2012 Tags: release

Version 2.0.7 hits the streets just in time for Summer vacations.  Though it focuses on fixing bugs and enhanced speed, the release contains a ton of updates and fixes...too numerous to list:  Some of the highlights are: (read more)

What can you expect for the next version?

April 21, 2012 Tags: preview

When the next version (2.0.7) is released at the end of May, not only will there be greater HTML5 and PHP v5.4 compliance, and zippier performance, we'll also be adding some new features in addition to the standard bug fixes. (read more)

Patch #2 for v2.0.6 Released

April 10, 2012 Tags: patch, release, bugs

We've fixed a couple of bugs in v2.0.6.  Issues addressed are: (read more)

'Happy Hyperbole' (v2.0.6) is in Full Bloom!

March 30, 2012 Tags: release

Just as everything seems to freshen up as spring busts out, here's another version release to freshen your web site.  There are many usability and security fixes and updates in this release, though none are as extensive as other recent releases: (read more)

Patch #1 for 2.0.5 - Fixes some issues

March 2, 2012 Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch attempts to fix several issues in v2.0.5: (read more)

Exponent Troubleshooting Guide Updated

February 29, 2012 Tags: site update

We've reorganized and updated the Troubleshooting guide area of the documentation site.  This might be the best place to look for a solution if you run into a problem with Exponent CMS.  http://docs.exponentcms.org/troubleshooting (read more)