Exponent's Latest News

Patch #1 Released for v2.1.4

May 4, 2013 Tags: patch, release

In an effort to not abandon the v2.1.x branch, just prior to the v2.2.0 (stable) release, we've issued patch #1.  In addition to several bug fixes including an important security fix, a permissions erasure problem, and fixing the 'merge' command; it adds several tweaks to online donations and event registrations, and now copies transparency when resizing/cropping images in the editor. (read more)

Release Candidate 1 - v2.2.0 Set Loose

May 3, 2013 Tags: release

In what is hoped to be the final unstable release before v2.2.0 is released as stable, we present v2.2.0release-candidate1.  This version contains the final feature additions prior to the release of a stable version, no features will be added until after that release.  This version marks the return to naming the new container 2.0 controller simply 'container' instead of container2.  It also adds a new sample e-Commerce store database available during installation; and many enhancements to the online donations and event registrations modules including the new option of single or multi-person registration using site forms to collect data. (read more)

Unstable version 2.2.0 beta 3 released

April 19, 2013 Tags: release

This, the sixth unstable release on the road to the next stable release (v2.2.0 stable) focuses on implementation of html5 forms fallback code to offer forms features found in newer browsers while still using an older browser, you may now switch a control in the forms designer to a similar type, and more control types are available within the forms designer; many tweaks and features added to e-commerce, esp. the online donations and event registration modules. (read more)

Unstable version 2.2.0 beta 2 released

March 29, 2013 Tags: release

Keeping with a bi-weekly unstable release schedule and syncing releases with the 2.1.x branch, we release the second beta of the next major update to Exponent, v2.2.0 (beta 2).  In addition to fixing many issues (including those fixed in v2.1.4), we've tweaked and updated the online donations and event registration modules.  We also now make greater use of ajax paging and the new html5 input types.  There is also a new forms 'portfolio' view to display a multi-item custom view of form data.  This also marks the transition to move the 'develop' code branch to the 2.2.0 line code as of 1 Apr 2013 (this is NOT an April Fools Joke) (read more)

v2.1.4 Released in Preparation for v2.2.0 Release

March 29, 2013 Tags: release

In what should be considered the final stable release before a stable v2.2.0 is released in the near future, we present v2.1.4, 'Lingering Lullaby.'  This will mark the third 'bug fix' release for the most recent stable version which included new features (v2.1.1 was released back in January 2013).  v2.1.4 fixes over 36 issues found in v2.13. (read more)

Unstable version moves to 'beta' stage with 2.2.0 beta 1

March 15, 2013 Tags: release

The most robust release of the v2.2.0 code line thus far has been set free.  We've corrected many anomalies still present in the 2.1.x code line and there are quite a number of new features and enhancements from the alpha3 release.  These include better EQL file import/export which is much more flexible in backing up and restoring backups made from various versions.  Noted additions in beta 1 include; (read more)

A New Module is Born

March 4, 2013 Tags: preview

Q: What do you get when you cross the Flowplayer module, the YouTube module, and HTML5 compatibility?  A: the new Media Player module!  We recently added a new module to the v2.2.0 pre-release code line called the Media Player module.  It is designed to display Audio (mp3) and Video (mp4, webm, ogv, flv, or f4v) files, and YouTube links in an HTML5 compliant manner (Flash player is not always required).  This is done by using the MediaElement.js library instead of Flowplayer and also using HTML5 audio/video tags. (read more)

Third 'alpha' Release of v2.2.0 Set Loose!

March 1, 2013 Tags: release

Continuing our 2-week release cycle, we bring the next iteration on the road to a stable 2.2.0 release.  v2.2.0alpha3 not only incorporates all the 2.1.3 bug fixes, but adds several new features.  The biggest fix in alpha 3 is migration once again works (and also clears up some lingering quirks), and the newest feature is category support and some new views for the blog module, along with a second installation sample for a ready-to-run' blog site'. (read more)

exponentcms.org Sites Back Up!

February 27, 2013

The suite of exponentcms.org sites (www.exponentcms.org, docs.exponentcms.org, forums.exponentcms.org, api.exponentcms.org & testing1.exponentcms.org) have been migrated to a new server and are back up and running!  Access to those sites had been slow and intermittent (at best) for the past several months.  We apologize for the delay in solving this problem. (read more)

Not to fret, v2.2.0alpha3 will be out soon!

February 23, 2013 Tags: preview

(updated Feb 26th) If you wondering where the next 2.2.0 release is and why it wasn't released in conjunction with the 2.1.3 release, not to worry it's still on it's way.  We wanted to get the 2.1.3 bug fix release out quickly, but want to take a bit more time getting 2.2.0alpha3 polished.  The biggest fix in alpha 3 will be that migration once again works (and also clears up some lingering quirks), and the newest feature will be categories and some new views for the blog module, along with a second installation sample for a ready-to-run' blog site'. (read more)