Shopping for a Last-Minute Gift? Exponent v2.0.3 is now Available!

Friday, December 23, 2011 Tags: release

Just in time to put under the Christmas tree, version 2.0.3 named 'Holiday Honey' is available at your favorite outlets!  Though the holidays slowed down our release schedule, you'll find ample updates and fixes to take you into the New Year.

Exponent now has a functional language system creating a multi-lingual interface for editors and administrators throughout the world, including the installation pages.  It even ships with Czech, Danish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Norwegian translations out of the box.  Some of the other changes include:

  • The permission system has been greatly tweaked  to more accurately reflect its designed purpose
    • Permissions now cascade down through pages and containers
    • Management screens accurately reflect inherited and implied permissions
    • The super-admin user may now create other super-admin users
    • Global sidebar modules no longer inherit current page permissions, but now require permission for non-admin users
  • The File Manager, Uploader, & Pixidou editor have many tweaks and fixes
  • The Flowplayer module now offers style selection
  • Filedownloads optionally show a media player for audio(mp3)/video(flv/f4v) downloads
  • If the database is down, the system is now placed in a temporary maintenance mode instead of running the installation
  • Search result highlighting was also added
  • Plus many other bug fixes and updates

We'll be back next year with more Exponent goodness. Look for 2.0.4 at the end of January. Happy Holidays, and enjoy the honey!