Preview of v2.0.4

Friday, January 13, 2012 Tags: preview

v2.0.4 should be released before the end of January!  As with the previous release, there are no 'show-stopper' type preparations required, but there are changes none-the-less.

The biggest visible change will be to the WYSIWYG editor.  The editor (CKEditor) should now more accurately display the content inside the editor as you'd expect to see it appear on the page.  This is primarily the result of adding a new editor stylesheet to the theme folder.  We've also added the ability to customize the style, format, and font dropdown lists in addition to the plugins, skins, toolbar buttons, etc...  It's also more flexible by allowing selection of custom editor skins.

The biggest change deals with the installation/upgrade process.  Currently (v2.0.3 and earlier) this is semi-automated and is easily set in motion by ANYONE visiting the site during an installation/upgrade, or by a loss of connection to the database.  The new procedure requires specifically launching the install/upgrade url.  It also places the site into a temporary 'maintenance mode' if the database or configuration (conf/config.php) are unavailable.  The procedure will now warn admin users with a message when an 'upgrade' condition exists which then allows them to upgrade the site (or not).  We also use this 'alert' to notify site admins of new version releases with a link to the package download page.

And finally, there will be plenty of bug fixes and tweaks to keep your Exponent site working smoothly.