Patch #5 Released for V2.3.8

Friday, June 17, 2016 Tags: patch, release, bugs

Hot on the heals of its predecessor, this patch fixes some specific issues in the v2.3.8, v2.3.8 Patch #1, v2.3.8patch #2, v2.3.8 Patch #3, and v2.3.8 Patch #4 releases. Specifically:

  • since v2.3.8patch#2 all uploaded and new files/folders within elFinder have the wrong permissions making them unusable (those uploaded directly within the file manager).
  • also the new drag-n-drop form designer for Bootstrap 3 themes released in the last patch prevented adding controls to a new or empty form.
  • the patch also now allows for a custom configuration file for the CKEditor for some advanced customization

Patch #5 to v2.3.8 is found at

v238patch5 adds these features to all previous releases of v238:
- allows for custom ckeditor config.js within theme (/themes/customtheme/editors/ckeditor/config.js)

v238patch5 fixes these issues in all previous releases of v238:
- regression fix (v238p4) unable to add any controls to a new or empty form using new bs3 drag/drop form designer
- regression fix (v238p2+) elFinder uploaded files and new folders/text files have wrong/unusable permissions (NO read)
- fix issue with bootstrap (3?) and navigation/showall Collapsing views since 'collapsing' is a reserved class in bs3 which hides contents

v238patch5 updates these 3rd party libraries in all previous releases of v238:
- none