Patch #3 Released for V2.2.3

Sunday, December 8, 2013 Tags: patch, release, bugs

(Repackaged early Dec 9, 2013 to fix some errors) This is the third patch to address additional issues in v2.2.3 (stable),  v2.2.3 patch #1 and v2.2.3 patch #2, which we've fixed.  This patch can be applied to any site already running v2.2.3, v2.2.3patch1 or v2.2.3patch2.  The code is already fixed in the 'master' git repo and the patch file can be downloaded from here.  In addition to the fixes found in patches #1 and #2, this patch fixes these issues:

  • changes new privacy feature default to OFF unless set in site configuration due to sectionref issues
  • adds new upgrade script to clean up the sectionref table
  • fixes some form module submission bugs
  • fixes bootstrap navbar to work correctly w/ 2nd level children when collapsed/responsive
  • fixes default setting for noindex/nofollow being set to ON instead of OFF
  • fixes regression bug when non-admin users could NOT add new modules when granted permission
  • fixes some optional ajax pagination in events module
  • fixes manage tags bulk edit
  • fixes some IE9 crashes
  • fixes regression bug where super-admins could not see other user's files
  • fixes regression bug on add module views (standard & bootstrap) to correctly respond to selected items

The list of fixes in Patch #2 can be found here.

The list of fixes in Patch #1 can be found here.