Patch #2 Released for V2.3.8

Friday, May 27, 2016 Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch fixes several issues in the v2.3.8 and v2.3.8 Patch #1 releases. It also provides several tweaks and new features. In particular this release adds remote/external calendar event caching (using a cron script) and importing. Patch #2 to v2.3.8 is found at

v238patch2 adds these features to v238 and v238patch1:
- update instagram icon for socialmedia module
- add special elFinder icons for avatar and uploads folders
- update bootstrap3 'alternate' controls from yui3 to jquery
- update bootstrap3/owl-carousel view configurations to allow selecting available animations
- add news module showall 'toggle' view
- add 'autoplay' setting support to attached files slideshow view
- add bs3/jquery variations for many ajax-paged blog, news, mediaplayer, photo, portfolio, search, events and eventregistration views
- add 'in-line' ajax paging indicator support, esp. for bs3
- fully deprecate store/upcomingEvents() & store/eventsCalendar() so if called they redirect to same action in eventregistration module
- add bootstrap3 based photoalbum accordion view
- added support to store/ecomSearch so that 'enter' pulls up search results
- adds new ecommerce (general settings) search feature to 
  - 1) limit search results to only ecommerce, or to only products; 
  - 2) when active, the search hits will be displayed more like a store listing instead of search list; 
  - 3) this setting also determines which items are displayed in the store/ecomSearch autocomplete list
- adds external event calendar caching feature (requires cron type job)
- add ics file/feed import to event module
- adds visual cue (border) when hovering over editable text in text module inline edit view

v238patch2 fixes these issues in v238 and v238patch1:
- regression fix (v2.3.7) event calendar pull external ical breaks page, also many warnings on page
- fix loss of external events when more than one external calendar feed was pulled in
- deprecates google calendar xml feed support (google deprecated this feature 11/2015)
- now makes allowances for /install folder not existing
- now allows for non-existent (removed?) shipping/billing calculators
- some links with PDF engine selection were incorrect
- fix some bootstrap3 view configuration settings display loading
- regression fix (v2.3.8) non-bs 'loading' indicator animated image missing
- regression fix non-bs icon links with no action weren't in-line, but created a new line
- fix several ajax paging issues with blog, news, events and eventregistration modules
- regression fix locate store category or product by single parm in url (without using custom router_maps.php)
- regression fix in migration and the update_rss_feed upgrade script, we were not truly looking for an existing sef url in order to create a unique one
- regression fix expPaginator now converts 'product' search hits into full product objects for processing
- fix ecomSearch to also return items without model numbers (donation, event registration, etc...)
- fix expPaginator crashing when custom module no longer available (search, page not found, etc...)
- fix bootstrap3 dialog widget wasn't picking up theme colors
- fix some password strength meter anomalies by moving all framework widgets to 'strength-meter'
- fix some form field error flagging when 'thrown' back to a form
- regression fix (v2.3.8) emails sent to system default user for addresses where 'user attribution' returned a blank result (users without first/last name) 
- fix forms stylesheet not loaded for 'design form' view
- regression fix restore database/eql would sometimes leave random 'n' characters in place of newlines
- tweak styles to photoalbum/slideshow_slider view

v238patch2 updates these 3rd party libraries in v238 and v238patch1:
- tinymce to v4.3.12
- colorbox to v1.6.4
- mediaelement to v2.21.2
- ckeditor to v4.5.9
- jquery.datetimepicker to v2.5.4
- iCalcreator to v2.22.0
- Font-Awesome to v4.6.3
- jQuery to v1.12.4/2.2.4
- jQuery migrate to v1.4.1
- plupload to v2.1.9
- owl.carousel to v2.1.4