Patch #2 Released for V2.3.5

Friday, November 20, 2015 Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch fixes a number of issues in the v2.3.5 and v2.3.5patch1 releases. The main fix is for a regression issue in v2.3.5 & v2.3.5patch1 which prevented ecommerce checkout. Patch #2 to v2.3.5 is found at

v235patch2 adds these features to v235patch1:
- adds new setting to bootstrap/bootstrap3 themes to limit menu item depth in navbars
- adds new setting to bootstrap3 theme to center main navbar (in addition to left & right alignment)
- adds new setting to bootstrap3 theme to allow for 'extra small' buttons ('small' size used in versions prior to v2.3.5)
- adds new bootstrap3 views for donations (uses columns instead of tables)

v235patch2 fixes these issues in v235patch1:
!!! Regression fix unable to checkout cart for most payment calculators since v2.3.5
- fixes version problem with patch 1 which held version as simply v2.3
- adjusts bootstrap3 'add item to cart' button styling
- removes some deprecated bootstrap/bootstrap3 swatches (theme styles)
- fixes some minor warnings when run under php v7

v235patch2 updates these 3rd party libraries in v235patch1:
- Adminer database manager to v4.2.3 for php v7 support
- elFinder file manager to latest code for security fixes, etc...