Patch #1 Released for V2.3.8

Friday, May 6, 2016 Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch fixes several issues in the v2.3.8 release. It also provides several tweaks and new features, though the main focus is providing several regression fixes.  Patch #1 to v2.3.8 is found at

v238patch1 adds these features to v238:
- add (upload) image display in form module show, showall_portfolio (with no custom configuration), and email default_report views
- we now display the graphic for an 'image' field in the confirm_data view
- adds showall records button/link to form module (individual) show view
- adds form module showall view setting to prevent individual record viewing
- adds optional lightbox (jquery colorbox) for event on event module showall Upcoming Events Headlines view
- updates bootstrap3 show product and photoalbum showall accordion views to use colorbox lightbox instead of yui3
- adds jquery based bootstrap3 view for attached files in Showcase & Slideshow views

v238patch1 fixes these issues in v238:
!!! fix to actually skip over 'cgi-bin' for 'check permissions' upgrade scripts
!!! regression fix possible issue with extraneous directory separator in a phpThumb generated thumbnail
!!! regression fix ecommerce error when easypost shipping calculator isn't set up
!!! fix form next/prev issue
!!! regression fix remove redundant 'read more' link for news module showall views; 
!!! regression fix file download module views redundant 'read more' links; add 'read more' link if configured for quick download without item body
!!! allow form control names 'email' & 'image' to be any case for processing in the views
!!! form module did not properly process a 'reloaded' uploadcontrol
!!! we now use field names in the form module showall and confirm_data views to properly process 'email' and 'image' fields
!!! regression fix form submission/display within multi-page datatables (user/group permissions & view event registrants)

v238patch1 updates these 3rd party libraries in v238:
- updates jstree to v3.3.1 with bug fixes
- updates font-awesome to v4.6.2