Patch #1 Released for v2.3.3 - It's NO Joke!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Tags: patch, release, bugs

Please don't be fooled by the release date, but patch #1 to version 2.3.3 is a real update!  This patch fixes a number of issues in the v2.3.3 release and also provides many fixes and tweaks to the ecommerce system. Patch #1 to v2.3.3 is found at

Things to note about this release (and the main v2.3.3 release):

  • If you've never set the file manager under site configuration, it will be switched from the traditional file manager to elFinder since it's the new 'default' file manager
  • If you've not yet noticed, the Bootstrap3 theme framework provides a different (much enhanced) interface to ecommerce and ecommerce output since we are able to use the clean formatting provided by Twitter Bootstrap v3

v233patch1 adds these features to v233:

  • !!! Exponent is no longer compatible with php v5.2.x (mailing library)
  • adds 'announcment' view to events module
  • adds alternate color to featured items in announcement views
  • updates twitter view to more closely resemble
  • adds 'empty recycle bin' feature to remove all items in recycle bin
  • adds most recent event date to search hit for events and event registrations
  • updates several bootstrap3 ecommerce views to more closely follow bootstrap3 styling
    • newly styled invoices and packing slips
  • ecommerce invoice payment info is now more customer friendly unless managing order(s)
  • store database sample now includes product options, discounts, and sample orders
  • reCaptcha anti-spam support updated to latest library
  • reactivates split credit card ecommerce payment option
  • after adding a new module which requires configuration, the system now displays the module configuration settings page

v233patch1 fixes these issues in v233:

  • !!! fixes an XSS vulnerability in source_selector.php/selector.php
  • !!! regression fix for issues caused by previous security fix (json data could be corrupted) unable to delete files, etc..
  • !!! regression fix import users unable to complete process
  • !!! regression fix CKEditor may not appear under some circumstances (some non-english languages)
  • fixes category counts on manage categories view
  • prevents display of 'file' category in mange site categoris if not using traditional file manager
  • fixes store showall view paging display for other pages
  • now updates search index after importing products
  • fixes links used for search hits of ecommerce products/gift cards/event registrations/donations
  • fix some ecommerce gift card code and styling issues
  • fixes theme framework logic for printer friendly and theme fallback views
  • updates comments to not show 'reply' link in printer friendly views
  • fixes 2 column login views to display 2 columns side by side
  • numerous other minor tweaks and fixes to ecommerce system
  • fixes some possible issues when first using pdf engines
  • fixes issue where we wouldn't replace a missing less generated css file unless the less file/cache was updated also
  • fixes some recaptcha anti-spam regression issues
  • regression fix to initial selection of some radio controls

v233patch1 updates these 3rd party libraries in v233:

  • Mediaplayer.js to v2.16.4
  • TinyMCE wysiwyg editor to v4.1.9
  • Spectrum color picker widget to v1.6.1
  • Colobox lightbox widget to v1.6.0
  • Adminer database manager to v4.2.1
  • jQueryUI to v1.11.4
  • iCalCreator ical support to v2.20.2
  • Swiftmailer mailing library to v5.4.0
  • Twitter Bootstrap v3 to v3.3.4
  • Bootswatch v3 themes to v3.3.4+1
  • impromptu dialog widget to v6.1.0
  • ui-timepicker-addon widget to v1.5.2
  • bootstrap-tagsinput widget to v0.5.0
  • Sortable sorting widget to v1.1.1
  • jstree tree widget to v3.1.0
  • simpleajaxuploader file uploading widget to v2.0.1
  • Minify minification library to v2.2.1
  • recaptcha anti-spam library to v1.1.1 (new api)