Patch #2 Released for v2.2.0

Monday, May 20, 2013 Tags: patch, bugs

(Patch #1 did NOT contain updated files) We've issued a second patch to address the show-stopping bug and some other issues in v2.2.0 (stable), which are now fixed.  This patch can be applied to any site already running v2.2.0 or v2.2.0patch1.  The code is already fixed in the 'master' git repo and the patch file can be downloaded from  The patch fixes these bugs:

  • You are unable to add new modules in any of the non-bootstrap framework themes
  • When minify is turned on, javascript will crash in several views
  • There is an extra '<' in the search box/show view
  • When displaying multi-byte characters (Chinese) in a summarized view, they would become garbled 
  • The less compiler would assume the complimentary 'css' folder existed, though it now creates the missing folder if necessary
  • Fixes an issue where a twitter module could crash the page by reverting to the old twitter model
  • Fixes some issues with the mediaplayer and countdown module upgrade scripts