Patch #1 for 2.0.5 - Fixes some issues

Friday, March 2, 2012 Tags: patch, release, bugs

This patch attempts to fix several issues in v2.0.5:

  • Text module 'showRandom' action/view makes text item title a link, but there is no 'show' view'
  • Do not edit aggregated items' setting is not working
  • Including an apostrophe in a text entry/setting for site configuration can crash the site
  • Fix to allow multiple WORKING slideshows per page in photoalbum and portfolio
  • Fix the filedownload module file download error
  • Remove a couple 'warnings' displayed in themes and file manager

It is best to simply extract this zipped archive to the root folder.  You may use the 'Upload Extension' menu item, but MUST check off 'Patch System"

Patch File: