Not to fret, v2.2.0alpha3 will be out soon!

Saturday, February 23, 2013 Tags: preview

(updated Feb 26th) If you wondering where the next 2.2.0 release is and why it wasn't released in conjunction with the 2.1.3 release, not to worry it's still on it's way.  We wanted to get the 2.1.3 bug fix release out quickly, but want to take a bit more time getting 2.2.0alpha3 polished.  The biggest fix in alpha 3 will be that migration once again works (and also clears up some lingering quirks), and the newest feature will be categories and some new views for the blog module, along with a second installation sample for a ready-to-run' blog site'.

In addition to incorporating all the fixes from v2.1.3, we've also added:

  • the ability to export custom themes for sharing and backup
  • a pause/resume/cancel feature to the file uploader
  • ​plus severl other minor tweaks and fixes