Looking ahead... (updated)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 Tags: preview

Want a sneak peak at the next release coming out of the 'queue?'  The biggest new features you can expect to see are 'Categories' make their debut, and 'Tags' usage will be more consistent and widespread.  

Categories allow for grouping of items within a module.  Categories may be either global or module-type specific.  The real power of categories comes in the shape of two additional views for the filedownloads and portfolio modules; 'Tabbed' and 'Accordion', which make it much easier to manage and display large lists in smaller chunks.  Additionally, this will allow a 'gallery' type grouping for the photoalbum module similar to that in 0.9x.  Categories are optional per each module, and only a single category may be selected per item (or none at all) from the previously created list (you can't create them on-the-fly).

Though a lot of work went into the 'Tags' feature in the most recent release, they'll get rounded out a little more.  There are many instances where tags and categories overlap since both can be used to better organize the information on your site. There will be a site-wide 'Tag Cloud' view which displays a cloud of all the tags on the site in addition to the blog (only) tag cloud view. Unlike categories, tags may be created on the fly, or selected from the automatic drop-down list of available tags.  Furthermore, you can assign an unlimited number of tags to each item.  Tags are always global in scope, but can be displayed within the context of a single module if desired.

Tag & Category Support by Module
Module Tags Categories
Blog Yes No (TBD)
FAQ Yes Yes
File Downloads Yes Yes
Links No Yes
News Yes No
Photo Album Yes Yes
Portfolio Yes Yes
Help No (TBD) No (TBD)

And as has been the case with each version release, you can expect plenty of fixes, tweaks, and updates to keep your site fresh and ease your workload.