Switched to New Forum Software

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Tags: site update

We've experienced a LOT of forum spamming lately, so much so that we changed some things which inadvertently disallowed new user registrations...then when fixing that issue and requiring admin approval prior to account activation, we were overwhelmed with new account registrations.  Luckily, all those 'tests' prevented most if not all spam from posting to the forum.  However our old forum software (PhpBB3) simply doesn't seem to have the tools to combat this form of attack.  Therefore we've moved to using Vanilla Forums software.  

While the interface is slightly different, we think it's still pretty intuitive to use.  All the messages and user accounts were transferred in the process so you old username/password are still valid.  Additionally, it also provides a WYSIWYG editing experience.  You may also create an new topic as a 'discussion' or a 'question' which allows the responses to be handle a little differently.

We hope you will enjoy the new experience.  We appreciate any feedback or recommendations you may have to make it more user friendly.