Flaming Furball - Your Summer Destination!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 Tags: release

Version 2.0.7 hits the streets just in time for Summer vacations.  Though it focuses on fixing bugs and enhanced speed, the release contains a ton of updates and fixes...too numerous to list:  Some of the highlights are:

  • Incorporated all fixes from v2.0.6 patches
  • Exponent CMS should work on servers running php v5.4.x (v5.2.1 or later required)
  • Polished older modules to better resemble new modules for greater interface consistency.  All modules now use same rank reordering dialog instead of up/down arrow buttons, e.g., module reordering is now found under the container chrome menu and we have tabbed item editing, configuration, etc...
  • Removed the unnecessary (new to 2.0.6) unpublish feature from blog
  • Added wysiwyg comments
  • Added a publish date feature to filedownloads
  • Added 'go to date' feature to calendar module (chrome browser not working yet).  And adds experimental iCalendar/Google Calendar XML event aggregation feature (can be slow)
  • Added new photo album slideshow view using vertical thumbnails with text
  • Better handling of video (and audio) uploads and previews
  • Added tag list/cloud sorting by # hits and setting limits
  • Added option to rename 'Uncategorized' group label per module
  • Fixed youtube module to finally handle multiple items (paging, reordering, etc...)
  • Fixed some pagination anomalies associated with multiple pages and sorting
  • Sorting/ranking lists should be more user accessible (esp for LONG lists).  The reordering dialog now pops up under the 'Order ...' link and items now can be dragged to above/below the visible list and it will scroll browser window
  • Manage users is now is sortable with more accurate filtering
  • You may add optional links to display printer friendly views or export-to-pdf for blog, news, filedownload, portfolio & calendar.  Export to pdf requires optional 'dompdf' package installation
  • Added optional formmodule control descriptions
  • Added new delete command to recycle bin items, plus a new display of all recycled modules (from Exponent menu)
  • Translations are more widely implemented; machine translations updated
  • Many 3rd party libraries were updated (ckeditor, flowplayer, minify, & swiftmailer)
  • Plus many other tweaks, fixes, and features

As always we encourage you to update your web site to the most recent version of ExponentCMS, however we recommend you test it first before updating a production server.

You can expect to see the next version being released around the end of July.  However as always, we'll address any 'show-stoppers' with a patch release.