Final Winter Release - "Bluebacked Bunny"

Friday, February 24, 2012 Tags: release

Our February 2012 release, version 2.0.5 appears to have more visible changes than other recent releases.  The most prominent is the implementation of 'categories' which allows grouping of items within a module.  And as always there are lots of other fixes and updates to keep everyone happy.

  • Categories are (fully) implemented within the faq, filedownloads, links, photoalbum & portfolio modules
  • We also added tabbed views, either by category or alphabetized like rolodex
  • We added an accordion like view with collapse/expand by category/alphabetized
  • Categories are now migrated and the imagegallerymodule galleries are converted to categories

The list of  the many other fixes and updates includes:

  • Minification has been fixed for many server scenarios, including discrete selection of what is minimized
  • There is an optional thumbnail display and list size setting for the file manager
  • There is a tag cloud view for the search module
  • We now have tags in faq, news, & photoalbum modules
  • We added deletion of multiple standalone pages at once
  • We added notification of version patch releases
  • We added additional sorting options to news, filedownloads, & portfolio modules
  • We added 'Recent' views to blog, filedownloads, & news modules...good teaser view
  • There are many migration updates and fixes
    • Fixed slideshowmodule migration (which wasn't occuring)
    • Better migration of 0.9x-type 'reused' type modules
    • The newsmodule tags are now migrated
    • We now migrate many additional module and view configuration settings
  • We added a module scope type indicator to top-level/hard-coded chrome menus
  • We implemented extension (theme, patch, & mods) repository access
    • Extensions are loaded into current theme unless told to patch system...makes it easier to keep your customizations through an upgrade
  • We added a module description feature and making the display of the module title optional
  • Module titles are now mandatory; to better differentiate on aggregation selection, etc...
  • The coolwater theme was enhanced with header configuration, new 'wide' style variation, etc...

Of course there are many other fixes and updates, so take it for an upgrade drive soon!