Final beta version released (Beta 4) as Exponent enters the Release Candidate stage

Friday, July 15, 2011 Tags: patch, release, bugs

Though slightly delayed due to summer schedules, we now present “Righteous Rocket,” the Beta 4 release of Exponent 2.0.  The Exponent Development Team has spent much of this past month and a half fine tuning plans to offer a stable code release this summer.  However, that didn’t prevent many fixes and changes from being incorporated.

Many issues were resolved, bugs were squashed, and features were added.  A deemed "stable" release is scheduled for the final week in August, with two (2) Release Candidates planned between now and then.

Some notable mentions about this release:

  • Ecommerce saw massive improvements, getting very close to working straight "out of the box."
  • Migration processes were greatly improved which included adding permission migration.
  • Installation processes were enhanced further from Beta 3 "do-over."
  • Added a new File Displayer view called 'Showcase' for swapping images on click or hover.
  • Better Internationalization (utf8) support, especially with forms.
  • Scrubbed the code to be (more) fully php v5.3+ compliant.

Plus many other changes and fixes which are summarized in the included CHANGELOG.