Export to PDF Libraries Updated

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Tags: release, pdf

We've updated the optional 'Export to PDF' libraries.  These libraries are NOT included with the Exponent CMS package (nor the git repository), but are available as separate downloads.

  • mPDF, the preferred library, has been updated to v5.7.4.  It is available for download as an extension here.  Or it can be downloaded from the http://www.mpdf1.com site along with ALL the incremental updates.  mPDF support is available in Exponent versions 2.2.3 or later.
  • domPDF, is the original library we supported and has been updated to v0.6.1 along with a new fix for exporting invoices (previously crashed).  It is available as an extension and can be downloaded here.  Due to our customizations, you can not use the basic library.

We've also adapted the expHTMLtoPDF subsystem to support mPDF v6.0 including a fix for the font temp/cache folders in the pre-release code for v2.3.3.  mPDF v6.0 provides color/styled invoices.