Exponent in 2012

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Tags: preview

Here are a couple updates to Exponent you can expect to see soon.  The first will actually make it into the v2.0.3 'Christmas present.'

  • More Robust Cascading Permissions - while permissions already cascade from page to container to module, they don't always follow a logical pattern, nor do some 'super' permissions (manage/administrate) always act as if they include the other permissions. The new procedure ensures a 'super' permission always includes all other permissions and a 'create' permission includes the 'edit' permission. Additionally, page permissions cascade through sub-pages and container permissions through sub-containers, which they currently do not. Furthermore, we limit access to the 'common sidebar', which currently receives the same permissions as the page on which it is being edited on, which is generally not desired (e.g., an editor for one page changing the sidebar for all pages on the site).
  • Revised Installation/Upgrade procedure - currently this is semi-automated and is easily set in motion by ANYONE visiting the site during an installation/upgrade, or by a loss of connection to the database.  The new procedure would require specifically launching the install/upgrade url.  It would also place the site into a temporary 'maintenance mode' if the database or configuration were unavailable.  And finally, it would show the admin users a message that an 'upgrade' condition exists and only allow the site to be upgraded by a logged-in 'admin'.  We should also be able to use this 'alert' to notify site admin of new releases.

As with all updates, the pre-release code is available on github in the 'develop' branch (but it isn't always guaranteed to be fully functional and not recommended for production sites).