Exponent Help/Docs Site Updated

Thursday, December 15, 2011 Tags: site update

With little fanfare, the Exponent Help site or 'docs' site has been live since 2.0 stable was released back in August.  And as an early Christmas present, that site has been updated to the pre-release version of 2.0.3 (it had been running on an ancient patched pre-release2 version).  One of the new features is a help version selector in the header if you you need to look at documentation from a previous or even upcoming version.

If you've not taken advantage of the Exponent Help system, turn on 'Enable Help links to online documentation?' within site configuration.  The newly exposed help links are scatterd throughout menus and in headers which take you to an appropriate page of information on the help site.  You may also visit the site by going to http://docs.exponentcms.org where you'll find a wealth of information about installation, configuration, the various modules, and each of the menu commands.

Though you'll find plenty of valuable information already on the site, we are continually adding to it on a regular basis.