Exponent 2.0 Beta 1 Released

Friday, March 25, 2011 Tags: release

Today, the Exponent Development Team releases an updated version of Exponent's 2.0 codeline. Codename "Efficient Entropy", this is the first Beta release of the codeline, focussing on fixing major bugs, standardizing deign and development patterns, and stabilizing the overall framework.

Exponent 2.0 Beta 1's release shows up almost 5 months after Preview Release 2 (pr2), yet taking an entirely different path to get here. Since pr2 was released, development has taken place on Github to host and manage the source code. Lighthouse has also been adopted as the issue tracker of choice for the Exponent Team, as it allows for smooth integration with Github, combined with ease of use and milestone tracking.

Some notable features in this release:

  • Much more robust Migration Scripts for porting Exponent 0.98 / 0.97 sites over to 2.0, including users and groups, along with most modules.
  • The "Files" tab within a module's config has been standardized, offering 3 configurable views to display attachable files. Text Module has this fully implemented.
  • File manager and Uploader screens are much more informative.
  • Beta 1 should play much friendlier with php 5.3 now

The Exponent Team invites you to download and test out Beta 1, and your help in making Exponent a better product and project by logging bugs, helping out in the forums, and joining us in IRC.