Be on the lookout for bug-squasher v2.1.3

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Tags: bugs, preview

You can expect to see v2.1.3 released in the next few days.  We've run across a few bugs that though not fatal (cause the site to crash), they do hinder some sites.  We have already implemented these fixes in the pre-release code, but want to wait (for additional reports from v2.1.2) before finalizing it.

Bugs fixed in v2.1.3 include:

  • Copy form in the Manage Forms view does NOT copy the controls over, so it doesn't really copy the form
  • On a few servers, the server returns some garbage that prevents the File Manager from displaying the files list

We'll also clean up the login views which lost some styling in v2.1.2 and make the blog aggregation configuration tab a bit more intuitive by removing the list of other blog modules unless you 'segregate' that blog module's content (the default is for a new blog module to display all the blog posts on the site)