Patch #2 for v2.0.6 Released

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Tags: patch, release, bugs

We've fixed a couple of bugs in v2.0.6.  Issues addressed are:

  • Patch #2 fixes the 'Error in Line #45 with the helpController' that would occasionally appear and halt an upgrade which was introduced in patch #1.
  • Fixes the 'Toggle view' between mobile and classic views for non-admins
  • Fixes the phantom file entry for new filedownload items, streamlines edit/create view since only one (first) attached file was acted on
  • Fixes the multiple page links for tags, authors and permissions views (pagination problem)
  • Fixes the missing graphic on a navigation module view
  • Fixes an issue when trying to upgrade from a pre-release version of Exponent; better parsing of remote version, esp. with network issues
  • Corrects coolwater theme sidebar chrome menu item colors
  • Fixes some issues with User Management view

We also failed to note that when upgrading to v2.0.6, you MUST also upgrade any hard-coded photoAlbum modules in your custom theme by renaming the controller from 'photos' to 'photo'