'Ravishing Rossdale' Is Set Loose

Friday, October 28, 2011 Tags: release

A somewhat major upgrade hits the streets as version 2.0.2 is released with the code name of 'Ravishing Rossdale.'  Because this version implements some fairly major changes to the template engine (Smarty), we do NOT recommend you immediately upgrade production websites until after you test this version with your theme customizations and mods.  Though only minor editing should be required to correct syntax problems, many of those problems can cause the site or pages to 'break.'  You can read about these details with notes how to fix the problems by looking here.

In addition to including the fixes already released as patches for v2.0.1, you'll find some new features such as an 'auto-complete' feature for tags in the blog and portfolio modules.  There are also numerous other fixes to issues reported in our forums and on lighthouse.  

Being able to integrate the Smarty template engine version 3.1.x was a major hurdle in leaving some of the obsolete remnants of  version 0.9x in the past.  We've also managed to deprecated all the old 1.0 subsystems with this version.  Though we still have a few 1.0 style modules to upgrade to a 2.0 format, they continue to work seamlessly.  As the development team continues to polish the code, you should see the next release around the end of this year.  The emphasis of this next release will be to refine the language system for general use, installation, and to simplify translation creation