'Happy Hyperbole' (v2.0.6) is in Full Bloom!

Friday, March 30, 2012 Tags: release

Just as everything seems to freshen up as spring busts out, here's another version release to freshen your web site.  There are many usability and security fixes and updates in this release, though none are as extensive as other recent releases:

Some of the updates include:

  • Incorporates all fixes from v2.0.5 patches
  • Adds publish/unpublish dates and 'draft' feature to blog
  • Implements WYSIWYG comments
  • Adds aggregated content indicator with command to move item into current module
  • Fixes a plural/singular MVC naming issue to provide more fluid integration (developer feature)
    • photoalbum, faq, & filedownloads; all fixed during the upgrade
  • Upgrade scripts now run when versions are equal to allow better upgrading from develop code
    • also adds 'optional' upgrade scripts; includes optional deprecated headline controller removal
  • Prevent installation/upgrade over 0.9x database (must be a clean install then migrate old db)
    • adds cURL library support requirement to installation
  • Enhanced podcast/rss feeds; deprecates 1.0/calendar rss, in favor of ical feed
  • Adds true Finnish (machine) translation
  • Adds additional url security checking
  • Plus other tweaks, fixes, and features

As always we encourage you to update you web site to the most recent version of ExponentCMS, however, we recommend you test it first before updating your production server.

Now that many of the 'things' we wanted to get out in the wild are implemented (and because the weather has gotten much nicer outside), we're slowing the release cycle down to every two months.  Therefore, you can expect to see the next version being released around the end of May.  However as always, we'll address any 'show-stoppers' with a patch release.